Imagine, you’re doing something essential and suddenly the power grid fails, interrupting your work. You obviously get upset and start worrying about your work. Also, it will be difficult for some to carry out your daily routine without electricity.

You are not alone in facing this problem. In almost all cases, a sudden power outage is an unfortunate event and we are rarely prepared for it. It is very important to know some solutions when dealing with an unexpected power failure and manage the problem smartly.

We are here to teach you about the types of power outages and ways to withstand any sudden power outage.

Types of Power Outages

On many occasions, power outages are caused by the weather. When a powerful thunderstorm strikes your area there is a high possibility that ‘lightning’ will strike power lines and shut them down. Tornadoes and hurricanes can cause long-term power outages if the concerned electrical team doesn’t take immediate action to repair the damage.

In this respect there are two main types of power cuts:

• Short-Term Power Outage

A short-term power outage results when a mild storm hits an area or there is some electrical error in the power company’s supply. Short-term power outages can last for a few minutes or hours.

• Long-Term Power Outage

Long-term power outages are caused because of severe natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, tornadoes etc. This type of power outage is a challenging situation for those who have to do the repairs to restore the power.

Ways to Withstand A Sudden Power Outage

There is a famous proverb, “Prevention is Better than Cure”. As per the proverb, we strongly recommend being prepared with all the essentials for a sudden power cut. Despite short-term and long-term power outages, you need to do your best to face unfortunate outages.

1. Be Prepared with Emergency Essentials

It is always beneficial to have some essential items in your home. You need to have enough fresh drinking water for every member of your family. You should have some canned food and other provisions with long expiry dates.

You may also consider purchasing temporary appliances for cooking e.g. camping stoves and charcoal barbeques, propane gas equipment etc. However, we recommend that you don’t completely depend on this stuff and only have it for emergency purposes.

2. Be Ready with First Aid and Appliances

A first aid kit is vital. Ensure that the kit consists of all necessary items like bandages, scissors, tapes, gauze and other emergency medicines. Also remember candles, flashlights, and batteries. Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged and contains emergency numbers and contact numbers for your close friends and family.

Some emergency power services work 24/7 and can supply you with temporary electricity.

3. Be Prepared with a Backup Power Generator

A backup diesel generator can be an alternative power source in the case of a mains power outage. It is probably the best defence against a sudden power outage. There are many types of power generators available in the market today including diesel generators, natural gas generators, propane generators etc.

Many hospitals, factories, and residential homes install a standby diesel generator as backup power if the mains electricity supply is cut. Generators Worldwide is a popular diesel generator company based in the UK. We can help you in selecting the necessary generator for your business.


We make sure that you can now control any sudden power outage at your residence or factory in a smart way.

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