As an alternate power source for electricity, diesel generators have gained popularity in domestic and industrial sectors. We can find them up and down the world providing power to all the people who need it. However, the quality of diesel generators will worsen if their maintenance is neglected. Also, because of the rising demand for generators, they are prone to thievery. The following piece of content provides some tips for the maintenance and security of diesel generators.

Maintenance of Generators

  • Lubrication Service

The engine oil must be checked at regular intervals using a dipstick. Follow the recommendations of engine manufacturer for oil classification and viscosity. Keep the oil level near to the full mark on the dipstick with similar quality and brand of oil. Also, change oil and filter at advised time intervals.

  • Cooling System

Keep checking the coolant levels during shutdown periods at a specified interval. After allowing the engine to cool, remove the radiator cap and if required add coolant till 3/4th level. Examine the external part of the radiator for any hurdles and remove all the dirt with a soft cloth or brush.

  • Fuel System

Within a year, diesel can get corroded and contaminated easily and thus it is highly recommended to perform regular generator exercise to use up stored fuel before its degradation.

Along with above precautions, make sure that the generator is kept in a dry area and is covered and protected. Many times, problems with generators occur because of its improper storage.

Security of Diesel Generators

Ensure the security of your generators in the following ways:

  • Unload it Immediately

When your generator arrives on site, unload it immediately from the trailer and apply your security measures. Many people leave the generators on the trailer until it is needed. Thieves will be attracted to this as it is easier to steal when it’s already on the back of a truck..

  • Install CCTV Cameras

Installing security cameras is the best option to ensure the safety of generators. They act as evidence against the theft of generators.

  • Fencing

Build some temporary fencing around the generator. If it is installed in home premises, then put up permanent fencing. Fencing acts as an obstacle for thieves.

  • Use a Storage Box

Many generator companies develop security boxes to keep the equipment safe inside the box. You can protect your generator by storing it inside such a security box.

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