How Do You Lose Money By Not Installing a Diesel Generator?

As per the reports from a leading news source in the UK, 59% of Fortune 500 companies experience over 1.5 hours of downtime a week, resulting in £30.4m being lost each year.

Since there has been an increase in power cuts over the past couple of years, it is important to be prepared with an alternative power source to avoid frustrations. The presence of a diesel generator during a power cut protects your business against any contingencies. The diesel generators can be set to automatically fire up when the power grid fails.

If you own a business and you don’t have a diesel generator as a backup and you are not aware of how important this is there is a high risk you could lose money in the following ways:

  • Business Communications Systems will be Down

Without electricity, your employees won’t be able to use landline phones. This means they won’t be able to make any internal or external phone calls. If your company has the facility for customers to place orders on the phone and there is a power failure, your customers won’t be able to contact you, ultimately losing you revenue. Apart from phones, your staff won’t be able to access their emails leading to them missing out on deadlines for quotations from important clients thus losing trust as well as revenue.

  • Employees are Idle and Unable to Work

Since the absence of electricity will cause a halt to all the internal business operations, your staff will not have any work. Until the electricity returns the employees will sit without work in the office. This will have an adverse effect on the productivity of your company. The situation will become worse if the power cut lasts for many hours or days and you will still need to pay the staff that has been out of action for many days.

  • Adverse Effect on Manufacturing Tasks

If you are a manufacturer, then losing power will surely irritate you. You won’t be able to continue manufacturing of the products as you don’t have a backup diesel generator. It will be tough for you to fulfill your client’s orders and you will be left with no option other than turning down their orders. Your inability to meet the client’s demand will affect your relationship with them. If any of your best clients come to you with a big order, you surely don’t want to take the risk of a sudden power failure preventing you from moving forward.

Is Your Business Ready for a Sudden Power Outage?

Installing a backup diesel generator helps to overcome all the above problems and ensure the smooth functioning of your business during a power outage.

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