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250 KVA New Perkins Meccalte Generators

Diesel Generator |

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Generator Summary

Fuel Consumption:53.3 Litre Per Hour


Engine Model:1306A-E87TAG6


Volts:400 / 230 v
Cycles Hz:50

Additional Information


Length (cm) 354   Width (cm) 115    Height (cm) 187   Weight (kg) 2480


Length (cm) 254    Width (cm) 86    Height (cm) 187   Weight (kg) 1920

All dimensions and weights are approximate and should not be used for installation
Canopy height includes silencer

Generating Set

  • Set Mounted Tropical Duty Radiator
  • Engine Driven Cooling Fan with Protection Guard
  • Radiator Stone Guard
  • Fuel, Lubricating Oil and Air Filter(s) with Restriction Indicator(s)
  • Electronic Engine Management System
  • 24 Volt electric start with charging alternator
  • Protection Switches for
  • Low oil pressure
  • High Engine Temprature
  • Low coolant level
  • Wiring to Control Panel
  • Steel base frame with integral 8 hour capacity fuel tank, complete with contents gauge, steel wire braded fuel lines, fill, vent and drain fittings
  • Anti vibration mountings fitted between the engine/alternator feet and base
  • Set mounted Yuasa maintenance free lead acid battery with leads and terminals
  • Exhaust flexible section(s) with connections
  • S.L.S. exhaust Silencer(s) supplied loose
  • Load and function tests
  • Paint finish to our standard scheme
  • Comprehensive user manual

Manual Start (Upto 1600 A)

Alternator mounted profile control panel comprising –

  • Ammeter per phase
  • 1 x voltmeter
  • Voltmeter selector switch
  • Dual scale frequency/RPM indicator
  • Hour counter
  • 3 pole MCB/MCCB Mounted in control panel (1)
  • Key Start/Stop switch (701 module fitted to 1300 series)
  • Shutdown indicator for
  • High Engine Temperature
  • Low oil pressure
  • Low coolant level
  • Overspeed
  • Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Water temperature gauge
  • Battery voltmeter
  • Diagnostic socket

Keystart (Above 1600 A)

As above but with ACB mounted in a separate freestanding cubicle.

Auto Start (Up to 909 A)

As keystart but comprising the following additions –


  • Constant Potential barrety charger
  • Battery charger On/Off pushbutton
  • Deep Sea 521K autostart module
  • Off/Auto/Manual selector keyswitch
  • Indicators for
  • Power On
  • Remote start present
  • Charge Fail
  • Common Alarm
  • Fail to start
  • Multi attempt to start programme
  • Programmed timers for
  • Delay on start
  • Mains restoration
  • Run on for engine cooling
  • Crank period
  • Protected Override
  • Diagnostic socket for engines with electronic management

Auto Start (Above 909 A without MCCB)

As above but excluding MCCB

ATS (Up to 1000 A)

Wall mounted enclosure comprising –

  • 4 Pole changeover contactors
  • Indicators for
  • Mains available
  • Mains on load
  • Generator Available
  • Generator on load
  • Phase failure monitor

ATS (Above 1000 A)

As above but

  • 1000 A to 1250 A with motor operated MCCN’s
  • 1600 and above with motor operated ACB’s

(1) Above 250 Amp, the MCCB is supplied fitted in an alternator mounted enclosure separate to the control panel.

Amps are at PRP Rating

Images are only representative and do not display actual generating sets