Are you worried about Power Outages?

Do you panic when there is a sudden failure of the power grid while working on an important project?

No need to be afraid when there is a diesel generator present and ready to rescue you! Irrespective if you work at home, in shops or if you own a big business, diesel generators are an easy replacement for your power needs should there be a sudden power grid failure. The following content explains how diesel generators are efficient and cost-effective for domestic and industrial applications.

In today’s life, fuel prices are increasing at a rapid rate because of continuous demand and exhausting supply. But you need to choose the fuel which is affordable and will meet your needs. Though diesel fuel is moderately more costly than gas, it has a higher energy density, i.e. diesel fuel provides more energy as compared with the same amount of gas.

Essential characteristics of Diesel Generators are,

  • More efficient than petrol and gas generators.
  • They require less maintenance than petrol ones. This is because diesel generators do not have spark plugs or carburettors.
  • The lifespan of a diesel generator is longer than a petrol one. A diesel engine can last 3 times longer than a petrol engine.
  • Diesel generators are safe to use as they have less risk of ignition.
  • Available in different specifications and sizes, you’re bound to find one that suits your requirements.

Advantages of Diesel Generators

  • Diesel generators help in regulating fluctuations by supplying a continuous stream of voltage power, avoiding the peaks and dips of other devices.
  • They perform continuously and have fewer moving components than other types of generators.

Diesel generator sets are used in many domestic, commercial and industrial applications. They can be used in homes for small loads and at an industrial level for large loads. Single-phase power generators are used in homes while three-phase power generators are used for industrial purposes.

Applications of Diesel Generators

  • Transportation

Lack of electrical power can disrupt train services. The communication system in any public transport system will get disturbed. Thus, there will be a loss of money as well as irritated customers. Usage of diesel generators will ensure the smooth functioning of transport services.

  • Critical Services

Places like hospitals, data centres and public service operations need backup generators as they offer vital services which cannot withstand a loss of power. Life support machinery and important management of hospitals are dependent on backup generators in case of power outages. Data centres also keep backup generators to continue electronic operations and protect delicate electronic equipment.

  • Mining Services

Mining operations include controlling extreme temperatures, continuous running of machines and transport, lighting etc. Another important task in a mining operation is controlling emissions. Diesel generators are necessary for mining areas to avoid disruption in services.

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