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How Diesel Generators Can Help You Live a Better Life.

Over 40 Years of Supplying Generators

At Generators Worldwide we stock top-quality new and used diesel generators. We are a well-established business based in the heart of the UK, Birmingham. We mainly supply Cummins and Perkins® Powered generators.

With international shipping, we can ship your order to you anywhere in the world. Whether you are looking for a new or second-hand diesel generator, Generators Worldwide has it all. Please see our new diesel generator or used diesel generators pages for our list of available stock, prices, and information on specific generators.

New Diesel Generators

Manufactured in the United Kingdom to the highest standard of engineering and reliability. Our new stock consists of Cummins and Perkins® Powered diesel generators. At Generators Worldwide we offer a wide range of generators to suit your needs. Please see our range of new diesel generators to find the perfect generator for you.

Used Diesel Generators

Our used diesel generators are high quality with low hours that have been well maintained over the years. When we take on used generator sets we always test and service them, carefully allowing them to be used straight away when they are delivered to you. At Generators Worldwide we offer a wide range of used diesel generators to suit your needs.

What Generator Do I Need?

Determining what generator you need can be a difficult process. At Generators Worldwide we only stock the highest quality generators. This is why we believe you only have to choose what kVA is better suited to your needs. You can work this out on our kVA Calculator page or just contact us for free and expert advice.

Call: 0121 711 7421 or email: sales@generatorsworldwide.com

What is kVA?

kVA is essentially a unit of apparent power. More kVA = more power. For more information on exactly what kVA is and how to calculate it yourself, check out Coresite’s article on kVA. If you require a kVA calculator please see our kVA calculator.

Why Work With Generators Worldwide

  • We have been selling pre-owned and new diesel generators from Cummins and Perkins® Powered for over 40 years
  • We only stock and sell quality British-made second-hand generator sets
  • A variety of kVAs to suit your requirements
  • Free advice to make sure you’re getting the right generator for your needs
  • Low hours, we only stock generators with low usage hours
  • Service and usage history when available
  • We service and maintain generators as soon as they come to us
  • Ready for shipping worldwide
  • Highly commended customer service

If you have any questions about purchasing a generator, do not hesitate to get in touch. Call us on 0121 711 7421 or email sales@generatorsworldwide.com.

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